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Arthur Loftus Nussbaum (a surname meaning ‘Nut Tree’ in his native tongue) was born a long while ago. No one knows where, no one knows when, no one knows why. His was a relatively uneventful life until he decided to follow in the footsteps of his forefathers: wandering the world creating, buying, loving and collecting art. Now, decades later, Art still spends his days trotting the globe (and around the corner) searching for artists and craftsmen of semi-different art, partially collectible and thoroughly enjoyable relics, replicas, antiques, arts & crafts for his little shop in the Bavarian village of Leavenworth, Washington State. Whatever tickles his fancy is evaluated, haggled over, consigned, shipped to his loft and put on display to be once again haggled over, purchased, shipped and put on display in homes and businesses around the world. Art’s collection is constantly changing and always interesting. He cordially invites you stop in to say hello and ponder his wares. You won’t regret it and perhaps you’ll find that do-dad, thing-a-jig, or whatcha-callit artist treasure you’ve been searching for. Or maybe you’ll just find Art, either way a good deal.


Nussbaum Art Loft
217 Ninth Street, entire second floor
Bavarian Village of Leavenworth
Washington State, USA


the unique

the different
the gorgeous